An Urgent Message For Retail Investors Who Want to Get Higher Returns, More Easily, and With Less Risk…

Just Like Bankers and the Wall Street Financial Elite
The Main Street Derivative

How Main Street Investors Can Easily and Reliably Profit Just Like Wall Street’s Elites…

Dear Reader,

When most main street investors see the word “derivative” in an investing context, they shiver 3 times.   

They think of Buffett’s quote about derivatives being weapons of financial destruction. 

They imagine trillions of dollars floating around on “dark exchanges,” unregulated and endangering the entire financial world.   

The word derivative, drums up images of Michael Burry (played by Christian Bale in the hit movie The Big Short) sitting in Goldman negotiating some wacky contract to bet against the housing market in the US.  

News reports tell you that derivatives are to blame for the financial crisis of 2008/2009, bank liquidity scares, fears over an avalanche of financial destruction because of a few greedy bankers who want to line their pockets and are willing to put the world’s economy at risk to do it. 

Frankly, the reaction is as ridiculous as it is encouraged by the Wall Street and Banking elite.   

The people at the top of the finance pyramid in the US want you scared of derivatives...because if you’re scared of them you won’t use them to make the same kind of returns the financial elite make.  

Don’t believe me?   

Do you remember that oft repeated quote from Buffett? About “weapons of financial mass destruction?” 

Well would it shock you to know that Buffett uses derivatives all the time in his investing and trading? He uses them to LIMIT his risk, and to increase his returns in a reasonable safe way.   

But he’s not the only billionaire investor who uses derivatives. Mark Cuban used derivatives to protect his fortune, and famous activist investor, Carl Icahn has used derivatives for years in his investing. 

Even billionaire investor, and political activist, George Soros uses derivatives in his investing portfolio. 

Whatever you might think of Soros’ politics, no one can deny his investing acumen. He has created a billion+ dollar net worth for himself and some of the world’s richest and most successful people trust his fund with their money.  

Here’s the truth, the bankers and financial elite want to keep you in the dark about the availability and power of derivatives because they would much rather you put your money on deposit and let them manage it for you.

They can pay you a ridiculously low interest rate while they use YOUR money to rake in double and triple digit returns on a weekly and monthly basis.  

You can’t blame them really, it’s not hard to guarantee you a 5%, 3%, or even a 2% yearly return when they’re using your money to make 10%, 25%, or even 50-100% per week or per month.   

As my father used to say, “It’s good work if you can get it!” 

At this point I need to make something very clear to you… 

There are different kinds of derivatives. As a matter of fact, the term derivatives is really a catch all phrase used to describe any security that “derives” its value from a different underlying security. 

For example, if you own a house, you can rent that house to a tenant. The house is an asset, and the rental contract is a derivative. It’s that simple.  

The rental contract gets its value from the underlying asset - the house. You don’t need a rental contract for the real estate to have value… 

But if you don’t own the real estate you can’t have a rental contract. (Well, that’s not 100% true...more on that in just a moment!) 

Banker and Wall Street financiers have convinced the general public that you can’t use derivatives because they are complicated and risky. But that’s not really the truth. 

Anymore than it’s true that you can’t rent a house you own because being a landlord can be risky. 

True that if you let just anyone move into your house, you could have problems. Your derivatives (the rental contract) could be worthless… 

It could even cost you money.  

However, if you properly screen your tenants and rent to good people, being a landlord can make you a lot of money by allowing you to extract money (rent) from your asset (house) that you wouldn’t ordinarily have access to.  

So you get the appreciation of the value in the house AND you get a monthly income stream from the house.

Heck, I know people who had rental property during and just after the Great Recession who did fine… 

Because even though they lost money on the underlying asset (their house) they continued to collect an income stream based on the derivative (rental contract) they had in place on their property.    

I hope this is starting to crystalize how truly simple derivatives can be.   

Sure there are some derivatives that are complicated, risky, and dangerous...but I’m not going to waste your time talking about those derivatives.  

The derivatives I want to talk to you about are simple to understand, reasonably safe (no investment is 100% safe, but these derivatives are secure and liquid) and can be VERY profitable for retail investors just like you and me. 

As a matter of fact, the specific kind of derivative I’ve been talking about - that I call the “Main Street Derivative - has been available to retail investors and has been regulated by the Federal government since 1973.   

All of the examples above of famous and successful investors - Buffett, Cuban, Icahn, and Soros - all used Main Street Derivatives to increase yield and protect against lose i their underlying investments. 

In other words, to go back to the example I just used, they “rented” their house in order to increase the amount of money they made from the investment in the house and protect their money if the house lost value.    

For retail investors like us - the Main Street Derivative can offer double and triple returns for you in 30 days or less… 

All while putting significantly LESS money at risk than a comparable stock investment.   

That’s why bankers and Wall Street financiers don’t want you to know about derivatives and how powerful they are… 

They want to manage your money and make the lion's share of the profits, while “guaranteeing” you a few small crumbs at the end of the year.   

I’m not just speaking out of turn here, I grew up “on Wall Street.” I’ve seen the inner workings - good and bad...

And I’m tired of seeing good, hard working people being taken advantage of because they don’t have the information they need to make solid decisions about how to better manage their money.  

More on that in a moment, but first… 

You Don’t Need Much Money to Use the Main Street Derivative

The whole idea of using Main Street Derivatives is that you can get involved in high yield trades without putting much money in the trade.

That allows you to enter more trades with less capital at risk. It also lets you get a MUCH higher yield on the money that you put in. 

Main Street Derivatives have a limited and defined downside and can have an unlimited upside.  

The problem is you likely haven’t heard of or had a chance to profit from these derivatives… 

Until now that is.   

I want to share a report I wrote for you called, “The Main Street Derivative, How Small Retail Investors Can Profit Wildly From the Trade Bankers Don’t Want You to Know About.” 

As I said earlier, Banker and Wall Street Money Managers want you to entrust your hard earned money with them for a small return - while they use your money to rake in huge profits for themselves.  

With “The Main Street Derivative, How Small Retail Investors Can Profit Wildly From the Trade Bankers Don’t Want You to Know About,” you’ll no longer be at the mercy of these greedy financiers…. 

You’ll be able to rake in the big profit for yourself. 

In just a moment I’ll tell you how to claim a FREE copy of this report, but first I’d like to introduce myself.  

My name is Steve Smith. You might know me from my appearances on stage at the Money Show conferences or caught one of my multiple appearances on CNBC.  

Or perhaps you read about me in the WSJ or Barrons. 

I mentioned earlier that I grew up “on Wall Street,” and I wasn’t kidding.  

My father was a money manager in New York City. By 12 years old my summer job was as a clerk/runner on the commodity and stock exchange trading floors.  

After college, at 23 years old, I became one of the youngest members of the NYSE. At 24 I joined the CBO and became a market maker for the next 7 years.  

In the late 1990’s I joined Jim Cramer and as a columnist and newsletter editor, while I managed my own house. 

Over the last 40+ years that I have been exposed to and working in the financial sector I have seen the good and bad in the business.  

There is PLENTY of good, and I like to believe I am one of the people who support the good side of the business.   

That’s the side that empowers “Average Joe” investors to take control of their financial lives and build a substantial amount of wealth for themselves and their family.   

Unfortunately, when you are dealing with trillions of dollars sometimes the temptation is just too strong. Some of the people in this industry start making decisions that are in their own best interest rather than decisions that are in the best interest of their clients and customers.  

You end up with money managers telling themselves that they are doing you a service by keeping you in the dark about the derivatives you have access to.   

They tell themselves that derivatives are too complicated and you’re better off accepting a lower interest rate and letting them manage your money (for a substantial fee!) 

I believe in a different approach… 

I firmly believe you should have all of the information about all of your options, so you can make an educated decision for yourself. 

More importantly you should be empowered to actually use and execute on the best plan of action for you, as an individual.   

Sometimes that means having managers help you with your money, and sometimes it means you managing it yourself. 

Or perhaps a combination of both.   

The point is, you should have all the information about all the choices available to you so you can make an informed decision about what to do with your money.    

And if you’re here reading this letter, I am going to make a prediction… 

once you see how easy and profitable it is to use the Main Street Derivative, I am sure you’ll decide to use it to trade for yourself.  

One of the most exciting things about Main Street Derivatives is that you can do very well no matter which way the market is moving. 

Remember, you can rent your house even if housing prices are dropping. That’s how Main Street Derivatives can not only increase yield on underlying assets you own, but they can also protect you from loss of value of the underlying assets.  

Whether the Market is Going Up or Down,
The Main Street Derivative Allows You to Profit.

I know there’s a lot of exuberance among some investors today. The market is at all time high and we’re in a 10 year bull market…

the longest in history.  

At the same time there are those investors who are weary of the market because of the record highs and the age of this bull market.  

Which ever side of the coin you are on, it doesn’t matter… 

The Main Street Derivative works in a bull market, in a bear market… 

Even in a sideways market. 

You can use Main Street Derivatives to make money whatever is happening in the market.  

I know that seems too good to be true, but professional investors have used the Main Street Derivative to do exactly what I am telling you about, over and over again for decades.  

Is it that hard to believe that Wall Street has created financial instruments and investment vehicles that allow it to make money no matter what is happening in the stock market? 

It’s not hard for me to believe at all! 

Wall Street is, afterall, all about making money. 

Here’s the cool thing, Wall Street can’t lock you out of making money with Main Street Derivative 

They can keep you in the dark, they can try and tell you that Main Street Derivative are too complicated or risky… 

But forget what they TELL you and look at what they do! 

The fact is, Main Street Derivatives are powerful financial tools. They are regulated by the Federal Government - so the shenanigans are kept under control and abuses by the rich and powerful are often found and stopped…

And Main Street Derivatives are EXTREMELY liquid.   

As a matter of fact, since 1973 - when the market for Main Street Derivatives was formalized and retail investors got access to them… 

They have never failed to pay out for us. Each and EVERY Main Street Derivative that has ever been purchased or sold by retail investors like you has been honored.   

It’s like being able to rent your house to someone who has NEVER missed a rent payment or been late on their rent payments for almost 50 years! 

That means Main Street Derivatives are reliable. 

And if you understand how to choose them correctly they are reasonably safe, and require a LOT less money at risk to make very exciting returns. 

In short, if Main Street Derivatives are not part of your portfolio, you are missing out on a powerful wealth building tool. 

To use another “Main Street” analogy - imagine owning a car repair shop without a lift.   

Sure you can make repairs to automobiles, it just takes 2 or 3 times as long and it’s far less efficient.   

Same thing with your investment portfolio… 

Sure you can build wealth without Main Street Derivatives, but it takes far longer and it’s a much less efficient process. 

No matter where you live or where you travel, you can use The Main Street Derivatives from virtually anywhere in the world.   

Of course you need to comply with all the laws of the local you are in, but because everything is done on your computer, through a brokerage account - you can have access to the Main Street Derivatives from virtually anywhere you have internet access.  

You simply log onto your Brokerage account, type in the right code and viola! You are taking advantage of, perhaps the most powerful and efficient trading tool available to as a Main Street investor.  

When you want to exit the trade, you just jump on and exit the trade in your brokerage account.   

Trading Main Street Derivatives are some of the easiest - and most profitable - trades you will ever take part in!

Every day there are countless opportunities to use The Main Street Derivative to make substantial profits you would never be able to take advantage of any other way. 

I want to show you exactly how you can start raking in those extra profits today! 

“The Main Street Derivative,
How Small Retail Investors Can Profit Wildly
From the Trade Bankers Don’t Want You to Know About.”

Recently I wrote a report to help retail investors, like you and me, take advantage of one of the most powerful Main Street Derivative trades available.

There is a particular way of using Main Street Derivative that allows you to take advantage of appreciation of underlying assets, AND allows you to collect ongoing payments against those underlying assets… 

Without actually owning the asset.  

To use our rental house analogy - with this strategy you rent the house from the owner (one derivative position) then you turn around and rent the house to a renter who lives there. 

This kind of lease arrangement is often called a sandwich lease, because you can have the benefit of renting the property without owning the property.    

The advantage for you, as investors, is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the house, but you still get the ability to make money with a derivatives contract using the house as an underlying asset.   

Basically, this kind of trade allows you to enter and profit from far more Main Street Derivatives trades, without assuming the financial risk of ownership or eating up your available capital in your trading account.  

I know that all sounds a little complicated but it’s not. And I explain exactly how you can profit from these derivatives trades in my report, “The Main Street Derivative: How Small Retail Investors Can Profit Wildly From the Trade Bankers Don’t Want Your to Know About.”  

And why don’t bankers or Wall Street Financial elite want you to know about this kind of trade? 

Because they would prefer to use your money to make these trades and keep the lion’s share of the profit for themselves. Sure the bank guarantees you a pittance of interest every year... 

But they make a windfall every month - and sometimes weekly - with YOUR money.  

If you know how to Main Street Derivatives for yourself, you can put yourself in the position of the banks, and keep the windfall profits for yourself.  

I would like to reveal to you exactly how you can take advantage of the power of Main Street Derivative by sending you a copy of this powerful and profit generating report, FREE of charge. 

No matter what happens in the market over the next 2 - 3 years… 

Whether the market continues it’s fantastic rise or whether the market turns and the bear comes out to play…

you can be sure that you thrive by using Main Street Derivatives. 

You don't need any specialized understanding about investing, you simply need a brokerage account and a little information. 

Once you are armed with the right information, you’ll no longer have to settle for a tiny share of the profits.

You’ll no longer have to rely on other people managing your money… 

You'll be able to rake in 25%, 50% or even 100% ROI within 30 days, at will.   

If the market goes up, you’re making money just like bankers and elite financiers.   

If it goes down, you’re making money just like bankers and elite financiers.  

Once you know what to do and how to use Main Street Derivatives, your investing life will change quickly and forever! 

I want to send a FREE copy of “The Main Street Derivative, How Small Retail Investors Can Profit Wildly From the Trade Bankers Don’t Want You to Know About,” just for saying maybe to my premier trading service, Options360.   

In Options360, I help readers and subscribers make the most of their “risk capital” by finding and jumping in on high yield options trades.   

You can rest assured that I work hard to find these trades because I invest my own money along side of you… 

So if you lose, I lose...and I hate losing money! 

Of course, you can’t win on every trade (even though I’d like to), so we approach these trades and the money we make with an eye to our overall returns… 

Not the results of one trade.  

As a matter of fact, you’ll often see newsletter editors cherry pick trades they make to show you how smart they are… 

But you’ll rarely see anyone reveal what the overall yearly ROI was on the model portfolio they recommended in their newsletter or services.  

That’s why I am proud to share with you the actual overall results of the Options360 service since our inception with my publisher, the Adam Mesh Trading Group, in 2015: 

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Of course it is ultimately up to my readers if they want to put a trade on or now, and they have to make the trades… 

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I think you’ll agree, even in my “worst” year, being up 32% is FAR better than the average stock portfolio… 

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I Can't Keep This Offer Around Forever...
The Adam Mesh Trading Group and I make our money when people, like you, subscribe to get our research, and so we love building our subscriber base as large as possible.

However, because I actually trade the positions I recommend, we have to make sure we aren't giving the recommendations to enough people to move the market.

In other words, the Feds, rightfully, insists I don't allow this to become a way to make artificial profits by making recommendations and trading on the volume I create.

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And judging by how quickly we filled up each of our membership drives, I suspect the chance to become a member will only be available for a VERY short time.

The good news is, now is the perfect time to get involved. The last few months have been some of the most volatile months we've seen in quite a while.

The Main Street Derivative is most profitable in volatile markets. It doesn't matter if the market is moving up or down or moving up AND down...the important part is the volatility.

And 2020 is half as volatile as it appears it might be...Katie Bar the Door!!

I wouldn't be surprised to see trades that deliver 150%+ returns several times this year, and I expect many of our readers will double their investment account balance in 2020.

With this type of opportunity available I just can't imagine we won't fill up fast.
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